Playing in Toronto has never provided the satisfaction musically (appreciative bars, new fans) or promotionally (radio, interesting/meaningful reviews) and certainly not financially (money in the pocket); which attributes to why we don’t play there. In contrast has been great experiences like the east coast, NFLD, Kingston’s “Wild Stallion”, Peterborough’s “Red Dog” and certainly Sudbury’s “Peddlers Pub”. In fact just recently a new fan noticed himself and friends in a video of the hockey song, filmed on location during last years St. Patricks’ Day. Olaf would say having met at McMaster (Hamilton) and having done further studies in Toronto that ‘at the time’ both our circle of friends were in the toronto greater area and so more shows happened in the big “T”. As the years went on the close circle of friends and family we could rely on to attend EACH AND EVERY SHOW became less and less; not because they loved us any less (I remember meals with Olaf’s mother btw, in Burlington, and watching invasion #2 of Iraq on the tele, with fondness) no but because a band simply cannot survive on that alone, we needed to grow and were seeking new, hopefully adoring, fans to nurture us and grow (cheese) and we found that… on the road. In closing, we like to return to Toronto for the Christmas shows and they only reason in my books is because 3/4 of the guys actually live in the city of Toronto. One day Olaf says we’ll burn the bridges and play at the Horseshow, I say, I could care less about such a place. I prefer the Wild Stallions’ and the cougars humping his shoes, and bouncers bouncing patrons from our microphones ahhhh the memories. In closing I remember Olaf having a good line to label the attitudes of the (mostly i’m sure) Toronto Bar owners in regards to whether they would hire you or ALLOW YOU TO SHOWCASE FOR FREE!! (can you believe the nerve) - “It doesn’t matter what you play (instrument). You could play a sledgehammer and puke all over yourself as long as you’re selling at the bar.”

And that’s a few of the reasons we don’t play Toronto. Any bar owners want to prove me wrong? :)