A few weeks ago, I had a friend message me. She said she had been watching a movie on TV and she heard “Lazy Eye” (off the “Lucky Me” album) playing in the background. Now, I had remembered signing paperwork to license that song out to some sort of low budget production, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of it. I had to do a fair amount of digging around. Turns out the name of the movie is Static, or at least that was the name of the movie. I just tried to find it and it’s now called Glitch. I haven’t seen the movie myself. In fact, I was unaware that it had even been completed, but there you go. The review that I got was (and I quote):

It was kind of interesting, but not very good.

So, that’s really all I know about that project. If you’re watching TV late at night and you hear “Lazy Eye”, that’s probably what you’re watching.

Now, since we are on the subject of soundtracks, I’m reminded of a song Andrew and I recorded a long time ago. The song is called Trafalmadoria. There’s a version of it on our “How to Find and Fascinate a Mistress” album, but it was originally recorded long before then, when we were in a band known as Rice. I think this song was on an album that Andrew sold in ZipLoc bags containing a copy of the CD as well as some grains of uncooked rice. Andrew licensed that song out to a movie called Magnus Opus. Yes, I’m aware that as Latin, that is incorrect, but the main character’s name is Magnus, so you can see the play on words…

Now, I haven’t actually watched this film either, but I have watched the scene where the song gets used. It’s an interpretive dance bit which appears to have been filmed under the Gardiner Expressway (which for some reason has it’s own Wikipedia entry). I don’t believe this is a film available in video stores, but Andrew has a VHS copy (probably tucked under his mattress) that he may be able to lend you if you’d like to see it.