The entire band is really looking forward to the Christmas show this weekend at Holy Joe’s. This year we wanted to do something different, so we’re putting together a Vile Christmas CD for the occasion. The CD will contain some of our versions of Christmas songs (sacred and secular!) as well as some bonus material that we’ve never made available and that will most likely never make it to retail shelves. This is going to be a very short run of CDs, so we’ll have a limited number of them available for sale at the show on Dec 13th. Feel free to approach me (Olaf) or Andrew at the show if you’d like a copy. They make excellent stocking stuffers!

We’ve also added another special guest to the bill. John Tamm, who was actually the original bass player in the band, will be joining us to play a couple of tunes. He is, coincidentally, going to be in the Toronto area this weekend, taking some time away from academia. Back when John was in the band, we were all grad students and I was the only one in the band not in a PhD program. It’s not every day we get to share the stage with a Professor of Archaeology.

The last update is that things are set to begin @ 10 pm on Saturday. There is no cover this year, so don’t let these troublesome economic times hold you back! See you on the weekend!