If you’re in or near Sarnia, ON today (Feb 28th, 2009) you’ll find the band playing at Paddy Flaherty’s between about 9:30 PM and 1 AM. We’ll be playing all night, playing our own songs as well as a bunch of covers that we’ve been playing over the years. If you do stop by, please be sure to say hello!

On an unrelated note, I see that there’s a new Depeche Mode video on Youtube. It’s not only a great looking video, but the quality is exceptional for Youtube standards. It looks great on my 24 inch iMac in full screen mode and that says a lot!

As far as recording goes, the band has begun recording songs for the next album. Right now we’re all working remotely and sharing ProTools sessions with each other. It’s working out quite well, but it’s hard to get a live feel working this way. If all goes well, we’ll do some of the work remotely and hopefully get a lot of the rest of the album recorded over a day or two in a studio where we can record together “off the floor”. The first album (Lucky Me) had all of the drum and bass tracks plus some guitars recorded live off the floor and I think it worked out really well, so I think that’s a likely scenario for this next album, which is starting to feel like it’s long overdue!