OK, so maybe Coverville isn’t a podcast just for music snobs, but it is one of my favourite sources of musical gems. I don’t really subscribe to a lot of podcasts, but this is one that I listen to fairly regularly and, I must say, a show which has led me to discover a lot of great tunes which I’m not sure I otherwise would have heard. I’m not going to list them off right now, but that’s mostly because I hope to list off a lot of these songs in future.

The show itself is not limited to any genre of music and Brian Ibbott (the host) is an extremely knowledgeable fellow. Now, he doesn’t always get the facts 100% correct (nobody’s perfect), but boy does he get a huge volume of good information out there and he has the fortitude to correct himself on subsequent podcasts when factual errors are brought to his attention. Brian is a music guy, but he’s not a music snob, which makes the show very easy to listen to. You probably won’t like all of his choices, but you may just find that you do like a great deal of them. You’ll learn a great deal about artists you thought you already knew a lot about and you’ll discover some excellent artists whom you’ve never heard of along the way.

Personally, I’m a big fan of cover songs in general. When Vile Richard is playing, we always play at least a few covers because we enjoy them so much. Some nights we play many, some nights just a few. It depends on the gig, but we only play covers which we’ve personally chosen, so it’s a lot of fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having said all of that, even if you like cover songs just a little, you may like this podcast quite a lot.