It’s probably a little bit early to be talking Christmas. I mean retail stores haven’t quite got the decorations up yet, but it feels like it might happen any day now. Having said that, we’ve been thinking about Christmas a lot as a band and we’re working on a new and improved Christmas album for 2009. The 2008 project was a lot of fun and we were very, very happy with it, so we figured it would be a great project to try and fill out a little bit more.

We’re still mostly in the beginning stages of things, but we’ll have more news for you as we get closer to the date. It looks like we’ll be recording remotely from Toronto, Kingston and Mississauga as it’s hard to get everyone together in the same room these days. It’s a good way for us to work, though and it has produced some good stuff in the past.

Look for dates in Kingston and Toronto to coincided with the Christmas CD release.