Vile Richard releases new single. Available for free download below.

Music is prayer, and my first experience with christian music was at the 12th World Youth day in Paris, France (1997). It was then I was introduced to the many, many different styles of music which made up what can be called Christian Music. This opened my mind to the potentials and diversity of Christian Music, being not just hymns anymore, but high energy “rocking” praise. Music still consisting of one, constant, eternal, never-ending message…

Jesus is Love

Jesus is Here & Now

Jesus is the Rock

If you don’t know Jesus then welcome.

Welcome to the Rock

This same revitalization of faith and the demonstrated sharing of Jesus’ message was brought alive again in me years later after graduating McMaster University. I found myself at their doorsteps in early 2001 and am deeply fortunate to have worked with staff and youth at the Living Rock Ministries. (

Vile Richard hopes we’ve captured the energy and spirit of the Rock in our tune “Welcome to the Rock” and it’s available for download here. Enjoy! Be patient, it’ll download. :)

Vile Richard wishes the Living Rock the very best 25 year Anniversary & a reunion of friends both staff and youth. May there be many more years to come.


Andrew Vanhorn, on behalf of

Vile Richard


Join staff and youth at the Living Rock Ministries (30 Wilson St. Hamilton) Saturday March 6 between 7-11 pm as they celebrate their reunion. Some great live bands are scheduled to perform, pay what you can admission.